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  Kay-KE Series  

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Rotary Positive Displacement Twin Lobe Compressors

Salient Features:

The lobes are 8 in shape。 Roots air blower / twin lobe compressor is a positive displacement, constant volume machine to operate against varying pressures。 With each revolution, the compressor delivers a metered amount of air measured at inlet conditions。

  • This series covers the blowers from 36 AC to 615AC.
  • KE series was developed during the early days of Kay Engineering, hence called as KE Series Blowers.
  • Series covers the air cooled as well as water cooled blowers. Above 7000mmwg water cooled blowers will be supplied.
  • Capacity for KE series Blowers ranges from 60m3/hr to 1431m3/hr with pressure application from 1000mmwg (0.1kg/cm2) to 10000mmwg (1.0kg/cm2)
  • Well suited for V-belt as well as direct coupled drive.
  • Material of construction of the casing and lobes for all blowers in this series is C.I.F.G.-260 conforming to IS: 210.

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