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Side Channel Blowers
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Side Channel Blowers


Capacity: Up to 2500 m3/hr.
Pressure Range: 1000 mbar
Vacuum Range: 730 mbar

Side channel blowers consist of a ring-shaped housing. Side channel and the rotor opposite create a working area between intake and blow-out connections. The blade segments of the rotor suck in the gas and create radial pressure during turning. The centrifugal force causes the gas to be pressed to the outside in the side channel. This creates a circular current between channel and blade segments. Due to the radial pressure, the gas to be compressed in the chamber begins turning. The spiral swirling compresses the gas several times and causes the pressure to rise. At the end of the chamber the compressed gas is then pushed pulsation-free by the rotor through the blow-out connection.

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  • High reliability, Low Maintenance & Compact Design
  • Can be used with VFD to enhance the capacity of Side Channel Blower.
  • KAY Side Channel Blowers are UL/CCC/CE approved and can be used without any further testing all over the world.
  • Can work upto 20,000 hours without maintenance down time.
  • Built-insilencer ,Low Noise, Trouble free operation.
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