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北京28预测VCP Dry Claw Vacuum Pump is a variable positive displacement vacuum pump, which is high efficiency and environmental protection technological product, in which two rotors synchronous reverse rotate make inner volume change, and then pump vacuum by suction and exhaust. Widely used in chemicals, pharmacy, electricity, semiconductor, LCD panel, biofuel, general industry, vacuum science and so on.

  • Single vacuum pump up to 3Pa, units can do higher vacuum.
  • Low energy consumption, save 20-40% energy, works in the atmosphere.
  • Strong work adaptability, can pump liquids, contain small amount of dust gas, and corrosive gas.
  • Good environmental protection, no industrial wastewater,reduce environmental protection cost.
  • Good sealing performance,can pump radioactive materials after using magnetic driving seal.
  • High safety, contactless inner design, no friction.
  • Low maintain cost, with an average of 20,000 hours of trouble-free work.
  • Compact structure, small size, easy to install.
  • Convenient maintenance, replace consumable parts in site, no need back to factory.
  • Solvent recovery,organic solvent recovery, maximum economic value, reduce emissions.

Vertical structure, the front road does not accumulate materials.

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